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FPV Drone PDBs


Power distribution board for Quadcopter and Drone

RC Hobby Store for Power distribution board for drone

Drone racing is a new and exciting form of sport and growing in popularity as a modern hobby. It is gaining international status with drone speed racing world championship being organized. The one held in Hawaii in 2016 offered total prize money of $100,000! The Hong Kong based Raptrc RC hobby store online established in early 2018 comes as a big blessing for lovers of this hobby. It is the best place to buy PDBs for Drone a wide range of power distribution board for drone online.

The Opportunity to buy power distribution board for quadcopter

Today, an RC lover need not go hunting for a physical store to buy PDB for drone. He just needs to place an order with a reliable and trustworthy online store. Raptrc is the natural choice for such enthusiasts who can buy with confidence as it offers a comprehensive range of high quality FPV PDBs online. This premier online store has the best brands and types of power distribution board for quadcopter.

Features of Power distribution board (PDB) for drones

PDB is basically a circuit board that connects all the positive pads/terminals to one another and all the negative terminals/pads together allowing the battery to power all the equipment on the drone in a systematic and convenient manner. Some PDB boards also include a voltage regulator. PDBs thus form a small but a crucial part of the quadcopter. Raptrc store supplies a range of the top and best quality FPV PDBs online. Two of them are mentioned here. The HGLRC Amass XT30 Current Sensor-1PC, has a voltage of 4S (16.8V) and supports a maximum current of 80A. It weighs 3.3 g. The model HGLRC Amass XT60 Current Sensor-1PC, has a Voltage of 6S (24.2 8V), draws a maximum current of 120A, and weighs 6.8 g.

Raptrc – The No. 1 choice to buy PDBs for drones or FPV PDBs Online

Raptrc is a unique RC online store that offers branded fpv power distribution board for drones/quadcopters to its growing community of loyal customers who enjoy the following privileges.

Power Distribution Boards (PDB) for racing drones & quadcopter

If you are a RC hobby enthusiast, looking for long lasting and top quality power distribution board for quadcopter, you don’t have to look beyond Raptrc store. The prompt delivery and high-level customer care will delight you. Once a Raptrc customer, you will always remain so.

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