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FPV Bind & Fly Drones


RC Hobby Store for Bind and Fly Drones

Drone racing has become the latest passion as a sport and hobby attracting more and more enthusiasts every day. It has even gained international status. The Hong Kong based Raptrc RC hobby store online established in early 2018 is a big boon for such sports lovers. It is the best place to buy online a wide range of BNF racing drone, from anywhere in the world.

The Opportunity to buy FPV BNF drones online

These days, an RC hobbyist need not depend on a physical store to buy BNF racing drones. He can wisely choose from among the numerous online stores. He doesn’t have to look far. Raptrc would be his automatic choice for shopping online. You can confidently order from the comprehensive range of bind and fly drones that match your requirement. Raptrc has all the best brands and models of BNF drones for sale.

Features of BNF Drones

BNF stands for Bind and Fly drones. Such a BNF racing drone comes with all components of a proper drone except for a transmitter. You can use the transmitter of your choice and bind it to the receiver included with the model. Raptrc store offers a wide range of BNF quadcopters of top brands and quality. Let us look at one example to understand the general features. Beta75 Pro 1S Brushless BNF Whoop Quadcopter (Frsky): It is an 1S brushless drone that has integrated Betaflight OSD. The upgraded 0703 motors ensure that the bell cap is secure and will not fly off. The combination has the best efficiency and power. The model is provided with flexible props protector guard. The throttle value is 55% and flying time is 5:40 min. Flight Controller used is: BETAFPV F3 1S. The weight, without battery, is 28g.

Raptrc – The No. 1 choice to buy BNF racing drones

Raptrc is a fabulous RC online store from where you can buy BNF racing drone of reputed and branded companies. Its loyal customers enjoy numerous privileges like:

Best Place to Buy BNF racing drone

The overall experience of any RC hobby enthusiast, who orders BNF drone from Raptrc hobby store online, will be incredibly satisfying so that he would become a dedicated and loyal customer of Raptrc. You can always be certain that you will get nothing but the best in quality and customer care from this unique store.

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