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BetaFPV 4-blade 31mm Props for 65mm Frame (0.8mm shaft) | Raptrc
Phantom 4 Pro | Raptrc

BetaFPV 4-blade 31mm Props for 65mm Frame (0.8mm shaft)


SKU: D8026

Plastic 4-Blade Propeller 31mm/0.8mm Shaft CW/CCW Set (BLUE) 

The Plastic 4-Blade Propeller 31mm/0.8mm Shaft CW/CCW Set is designed with 31mm propeller diameter, 0.8mm shaft inner diameter and only used for motor 6mm.

This new design creates a stylish overall appearance, which not only adds a cool new look to your quadcopter, but also significantly aids in high visibility.

See and feel the difference. Make your propellers stand out from the crowd!




Features31mm propeller diameter0.8mm shaft inner diameterOnly used for motor 6mmCreates a cool new overall appearance, with high visibility


Weight0.27g (Single propeller)

Includes2 x Plastic 4-Blade Propeller 31mm/0.8mm Shaft CW (BLUE)

2 x Plastic 4-Blade Propeller 31mm/0.8mm Shaft CCW (BLUE)


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